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Coretec Product Information

Our Quest For A Better Floor.

At our core, we’ve always been innovators. Even when our "Headquarters" was our founder's spare bedroom. No matter how difficult our path seemed, we never wanted to follow anyone’s footsteps. Instead, we followed our passion to find a better floor. Always placing our beliefs ahead of conventional wisdom ultimately led us to develop and patent the original 100% waterproof rigid core and COREtec construction that delivers true style while handling just about anything life has in store.

Hear our origin story from one of our founders in his own words (and accent).

Coretec Mission

Our Mission

We are originators, innovators and overall troublemakers. We saw an opportunity to create a better floor, and dove in mind, body and soul. We chased a dream and created a whole new category along the way. We are style enthusiasts, believers in technology and seekers of simplicity. We are passionate about providing people flooring solutions that meet their design dreams and stand up to real life. We are obsessed with creating an experience as beautiful as our floors. We are authentic to the core.

We are COREtec.

Our CORE Values

We’ve built our floors, and our success, on three simple beliefs:


We make resilient, durable floors that stand up to real life. Whether dealing with messy pets, rambunctious kids or even catastrophic plumbing failures, our 100% waterproof core, resilient vinyl and a protective wear layer will keep your floor looking good for the life of your home. So naturally, all COREtec floors come with a limited lifetime residential warranty.


What’s the point of having a look that lasts if you don’t love the look in the first place? That’s why we offer the widest variety of authentic wood and stone look planks and tiles. For every new style we introduce, dozens are rejected. We’ve always trusted our experience, taste and instincts — and so far they haven’t let us down.


Life in general, and home improvement projects in particular, can be tricky. That’s why simplicity is engineered into our floors, and our flooring experience. COREtec can be easily installed over existing floors with no glue or underlayment. Plus, buying from our network of specialty retailers is always pain-free with helpful service and expert advice. Because we want to make your entire flooring experience a happy one.

Coretec Layers


As the innovator of COREtec waterproof floors, all products are exclusively designed under patent # 9,156,233.

  1. WEAR LAYER (0.5 MM/20 MIL*)
    Durable: Robust wear layer protects against wear and stains.
    Maintenance Free: Never needs sanding, polishing, sealing or refinishing.

    Looks: COREtec offers the widest selection of wood and stone patterns.
    Textures: Detailed embossing and beveling create the most authentic looks and textures.

    Waterproof: Won’t warp or buckle, even if submerged in water.
    Easy to Install: Secure angle tap system doesn’t require any glue or nails, and can be installed over existing floors.
    Rigid: Eliminates ripples and waves caused by uneven subfloors.
    Stable: Won’t expand or contract under normal conditions. Not all floors can say that.

    Quiet & Warm: Genuine cork underlayment blocks out chills and noise. *All collections except COREtec One, which has a 0.3MM/12 MIL Wear Layer. COREtec Plus is a patented product exclusively from USFloors Inc. US Patent #9,156,233

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